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Welcome to Dentlet

Learn more about our buying concept, and what benefits you'll receive purchasing your dental prosthetics and dental equipment at Dentlet.

Best Prices


We created Dentlet with the vision of offering a more transparent, new and more aggressive pricing structure in the business allowing you to browse a collection of dental laboratories. 

  • Marketplace offerings

    Dentlet offers a new model of buying products online. On Dentlet Validated dental labs specify their lowest prices available. Way beyond Retail Prices and with no hidden discounts and fees - what you see is what you get.

  • Multiple sellers

    Dentlet makes it easy, time-saving and cost effective to compare, select and purchase your products from the best dental laboratories. We offer true One-Stop-Shopping.

  • Direct Business Model

    At Dentlet we are online experts and your host for the best possible dental deals. Our business model cut away unnecessary barriers. This leads to the best prices possible.

    At Dentlet we always do our absolute best to ensure you the greatest deals. In our pursuit for the best dental deals, the Dentlet dental marketplace facilitates cross border-sales.

Cross Border sales

We gather validated dental labs from across Europe, Asia, United States and South America. There are no borders here, our website is designed and configured to allowing cross-border shopping without barriers, uncertainty and security flaws.

  • Currency

    Select your preferred currency.

  • Estimate your vat

    To simplify and help you on the complexity of VAT, Dentlet offers a VAT-calculator. Simply select your destination country, check-mark whether you are VAT-registered company or not. Your VAT expenses will then be avaible in the View All category under your Cart, for an easy overview 

  • Organised Shipping

    On our website shipping is available and ready to be selected. On each product you will find information about shipment options. Do you have further questions, special requests or needs for a specific product or order, please let us know. We will always stay tuned to assist.

    We work hard to provide the most convenient, effective and cost-cutting dental marketplace possible. To make sure you feel completely secure purchasing your products on we have introduced our Money Back Guarantee.


Money back Guarantee

With Dentlets 100% money back guarantee you are in safe hands. Meaning that you will never will risk paying, without receiving the product.

  • Payment Process

    Dentlet will not release any money to the seller before we have registered the product is sent.

  • PayPal Verification

    All transactions will be processed through PayPal.

  • 100% safe:

    To purchase Dental Products through Dentlet.



Enjoy our automated VAT calculator and always be certain of the final amount in your shopping cart.

-Follow these 3 simple steps :

  • Choose VAT registered or not

  • Choose your country

  • Choose currency

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