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Curing light

As a part of the dental equipment, curing light is used for polymerization of light cure. There are two main curing lights: Halogen and LED. But beside them there is plasma arc curing(PAC) and laser. Tungsten Halogen is working with electric current that flows through tungsten filament and acts like resistor. The resistor is heated up to 2726 celsius that gives him the ability to become incandescent and emits electromagnetic and infrared radiation in form of visible light. This tool provides a blue light between 400 and 500 nm, with the intensity of 400-600 mW(cm)². LED is using light-emitting diodes, that produce blue light used to cure the dental material. LED uses gallium nitride as a semiconductor that is the basis for the blue emission. This light is created by two doped semiconductors(n-doped and p-doped) the light comes in wavelength rage. The LED light produces a narrow spectrum of between 400 and 500 nm in a blue light.

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