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A Handpiece is a dental instrument that is used for holding different disks, cups or burs. It´s purpose is to prepare the tooth to receive cleaning, polishing, restoration or contouring. It is one of the most used equipment in the dental laboratory.With the control mechanism handpieces can adapting to every clinical situation. There are three different types: Air driven handpiece, Electric handpiece and a Hybrid air-electric handpiece. The requirements that one handpiece can have are: Wide range of speed, safe and effective, maximizes productivity, easy placement and removal of burs, longevity, lightweight, no noise or vibration, easy to sterilize and many others. There are two types of speed the handpiece can offer, a low speed which is running with around 80,000 rpm and a high speed handpiece which can run with 450,000 rpm. A handpiece can have two different angles: Straight or contra-angle.

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  • Handpiece; Ortho, Perio, Endo

    4:1 reducing mechanical structure - 3 separate heads 1. 1.4mm up & down head 2. 0.4mm up & down head 3. Reciprocating turning head - Bigger torque supply due to 4:1 reduction speed - Water/ air separated supply; make perfect spray for operation. - Skid resistant grip; Endo/Hand file, endodontic head, multi-function. - The head can be removed for individual choice

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