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March 31, 2016

Buying and selling online has made it possible for professionals to obtain the best quality products at cheaper prices. The same benefit has extended to dentistry where new online sellers make it possible for dentists to handpick their instruments from around the world. While this benefit indeed improves access to best instruments, the same can lead to frauds and buying of faulty materials in certain cases. One article cites that counterfeiting is currently worth £10 billion per annum in UK alone. Another article reveals that in the last year, over half of the products bought online were counterfeit or of poor quality. Counterfeits and faulty products is a waste of the dental surgeon’s time, money and effort. This is why many dentists still is skeptical when buying materials online.

How to safeguard yourself

Luckily, there are ways a dental surgeon can ascertain whether to buy a particular product or not. Firstly, before venturing out in the world of online buying, the dentist must do an analysis of the selling websites. Simple comparisons between four to five websites will start by giving an idea on how to spot websites that may have dubious selling policies.

Second, trustworthy sellers have kept their products genuine and protected from fraud by selling the materials themselves through their own dedicated retailing websites. This helps the companies to keep track of their selling activity, identify any fraudulent selling taking place on their name’s expense and immediately track any quality breach that may occasionally arise from their product. The use of genuine sellers or even genuine third party sellers is important to consider. When in doubt, call the company helpline directly and ask if a certain dealer is allowed to sell the company’s products. Another sign of a genuine seller could be the number of partnerships or sales agreements with large multinationals. These can be verified with ease.

The dentist must be careful about unusual or too good to believe type of offers. Again when in doubt, contact a local authority to validate the authenticity of the site. An initial proper research in this area will help identify a online dealer the best and find reliable places to buy online. Once established, the same research will help the dentist to continue to use the same vendor in the future.


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