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March 31, 2016

The evolution of e-commerce meant a disruptive change to the industry. The traditional superiority that sales personnel had in physically promoting their products was suddenly replaced with an empowered customer. This customer sought information for anything he bought, instead of relying simply on the statements of a sales person. Traditional marketing also experienced a setback in form of resistance to traditional shopping activity. People now did not want to go through the rush of overcrowded stores. They started preferring the click of the mouse to determine their purchases and have their groceries delivered.

The same happened in the healthcare industry but more so for dentistry. Dental surgeons require multiple equipments and materials on regular basis due to high inventory turnover. Often, they are more interested in adopting new products that may not even be available in their locality. In such cases, sticking to a less than optimal equipment or material, meant a compromise in patient care. It is similar to telling a sculptor to use a less good tool even when a better one was available.

The electronic buying option resolve many of the key limitations dentists regularly face; experience, inconvenience, time and price comparison. Online shopping also reduced the prices of the products due to reduced logistics costs.

Deciding method

Deciding which method to use for buying equipment and materials will largely depend on the dentist’s preference. However, in the growing times of intense workloads and the need to focus on patient care. Online possibilities of buying may come very handy when traditional ways of buying equipment cannot take place. A dentist therefore would be better off knowing more about purchasing online and use it to see how much time, effort and cost he or she can save when shopping online. He or she may use some of the known online options to buy from. The credibility of the online shops may be judged by the number of sellers offering their products, the number of satisfied customers, the price ranges, the time of delivery, and detailed analysis of the products placed on shelf for view of the customer.

Online advantage

The most important advantage of an online store is the ever-present inventory, made available in any quantity the dentist requires. This may prevent any hassles of going to the traditional dental goods store and finding the equipment is not available. Traditional dental goods stores are shops where the dentist must go physically to buy material. Here the dentist may face problem if the goods store is located inconveniently for him, does not hold all the instruments the dentist needs, has a limited portfolio or is out of stock at times.

From a customer’s point of view, online stores must be equipped with digital tools such as mobiles and tablet applications to make the process of buying of dental equipment even easier. In any case, the use of e-commerce to sell dental equipment requires that the company register all requirements needed to make the experience positive. This will more assuredly direct the crowd towards buying online. Dental retailers would benefit from ecommerce with transparent descriptions of products, providing and guaranteeing quality, and providing run downs on the best features of the products and how to use them. A good marketing strategy may be the key determinant in converting traditional retail buyers to online buyers.


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