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Tips & Tricks
March 31, 2016

Dental instruments take up a significant proportion of your costs in a dental clinic setup. The unique features of these instruments, coupled with varied life expectancies (single use versus multiple uses) makes purchasing of dental instruments a regular practice for dental surgeons. These instruments are often expensive and therefore a smart dental surgeon is always looking for ways to reduce costs in instrument purchasing while not compromising on quality of care provision.

Considerations on purchasing dental equipment

Smart allocation of budget, planning and careful use of instruments can ensure unnecessary wastage of instruments, while ensuring high quality care for patients. There are however, factors that dictate and influence pricing and number of instruments purchased. A common factor is the use of dental specialty equipments such as orthodontic materials.While practical purposes may suggest that buying be limited on a case to case basis, the costs may run high. On the other hand, buying in bulk may lead to excess equipment which may be hard to keep track of and even store.

One tip could be to create a partnership with the supplier, and make a deal between supplier and Dentist. The deal may contain a combination of a not so frequently replaced instruments with a frequent instrument set. For example, scaling instruments are more frequently replaced than extraction instruments due to their life. Although very different, the presence of a deal where the dentist can replace one extraction forcep on purchase of a scaling instrument set may tip him towards buying the extraction forcep too in the deal. While this method may be useful in some cases, others may require the most frequent and less frequent instruments grouped together. Another option can be similar to make your own bucket deal.

A dentist may get a certain discount if he chooses certain products from certain categories. For example, a dentist may choose up to ten products and avail a five percent discount from any of the endodontic preparation equipment available.

Assesing quality of products

Dental surgeons may be able to reuse some of the equipment such as office equipment, dental chairs and x-ray machines. The average lifespan of these materials can be up to four years. A dentist may buy them at lower costs from other dentists or at lower rates. These equipments may save them a considerable amount of money. For more frequent materials such as dental burs or root canal files, the dental surgeon may well partner up with a supplier who is able to give a bulk deal. Usually such bulk deals include any travel costs to and from the supplier. The use of online authentic dental equipment sites where there is a variety of companies to choose from may make selection easier, and allow the dentist to save more.

Superior online dental equipment retail services protect the client’s interest by checking the quality of goods they put up on website. The gradual trust of always getting the best instruments is essential for dentist, who can then be encouraged to buy more from the retail store. A good quality tool will serve its purpose best, thereby improving the quality of care for the patient and keeping the reputation of the dental clinic. Perhaps the best cost cutting is to use the best quality material. But it does not hurt to do a little homework first and decide on the no compromise policy for dental materials.


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