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March 31, 2016

In the beginning of the 1940s, the initial dental manufacturing companies relied mostly on their local dentists to help them reach their sales targets. Competition was less, there was less pressure on dentists to reduce costs and standards and quality were very much uniform. This all began to change as dental manufacturers started becoming global dental leaders. The pie started to increase, and so did the competition.

Increasing dental market

The last few years, particularly the last decade witnessed a decline in the dental supplies and instrument market owing to multiple factors. However, the global dental supplies market has finally started to witness a comeback after a period of recession, with projections that by 2017, it will be worth US$19.4 Billion. The dental supplies market continues to hold the largest player share in the market, particularly after a rise in demand for cosmetic dental treatments and increased inclination towards oral care.

The role of internet became paramount in marketing dental equipment online. This trend is supplemented by the ease with which dental supplies can now be ordered online and delivered at the doorsteps of the clinic thanks to many competitive online supplying companies and websites. The most common reasons cited for online shopping preference among dental surgeons is the centralization of information and coordination. These help in coordinating products with ease, development of online cataloging system and ease of order placement.

Advice on spotting fake suppliers

Aggressive marketing techniques have led to creation of packages or bundles of equipment that can be sold. Unfortunately, the same techniques have led to creation of many fake suppliers and accounts, who rob dentists of their money. Advice given to dentists therefore is to look for authentic websites, authentic suppliers and avoid any bargain that seems too good to be true. Product genuineness is a rising concern in the growing Ecommerce market, for which even giants such as Alibaba are working towards creating safety and quality inspectors. Overall, the market is maturing for ecommerce in dental equipment, which means timesaving for both the dentist and the supplier. The dentist's now can save their time by reviewing all products on the virtual shelf.

The use of quality websites which not only provide these services, but educate the dentists and suppliers in choosing the best equipments can be relied upon a good knowledge of the industry. The same can be expected to provide quality services to the dental community. The key is development of trust with the stakeholders.


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