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Tips & Tricks
April 15, 2016

Online dental selling has become a norm in the global dental equipment market. However, the market faces the same challenges as any other ecommerce website, the problem of authenticity and quality of goods. A recent statement of the CEO of Alibaba of the need for security checks and quality inspectors in the online retail business speaks volumes of the challenges of online retail, where the buyer cannot physically evaluate a product before buying it. This is particularly true when the supplier is in a different geographical region.

Even if you are a first time user of online dental equipment buying services, you can protect yourself from wrong buying decisions by taking some steps and conducting evaluation of the website and suppliers. Following are some of the tips.

1. Read up on the website:

as e-commerce rules are strict, the serious companies are moving towards obtaining licenses for their online business. Look for websites which have some form of validation such as certification, exclusive rights etc. Such efforts help identify the serious businesses from the shady ones, and save the dentist time and money.

2. Look up the list of suppliers:

Global suppliers work really hard researching the website before selling their advertisements or showcasing their products. If the top brands are present at a company, you can be assured it must be true. However, as a backup, you can also review the website of the manufacturing company and/or call them up and ask if they are selling their products online anywhere. A simple confirmation will put your mind at ease.

3. Compare prices with other platforms:

Unless there is a very strong strategic advantage within the company, it is very unlikely that prices will vary too much from the industry norm. Where the price difference is too high, make sure to verify through other websites, resources, company call centers and the likes.

4. Check of expiration date:

For items that have a short shelf life, it may be wise to ask the support center of the time taken to deliver the product and the expiry date. This will help in cases of bulk ordering for time sensitive materials.

5. Ask fellow dentists:

fellow dentists can be a great resource of information about which portals are best for buying equipment. Use the information for your benefit.

Through proper research, dentists can identify reliable suppliers and make wiser decisions when partnering with online supplying companies.


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