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Tips & Tricks
March 31, 2016

Online dental supply options have recently increased in numbers, creating a boom for online dental purchasing. Most dentists still feel a little insecure when going online to shop, even though they understand the great benefits associated with it.

Quick guide for online trading:

1. Supplier versus manufacturer

It may be easier to get information about the quality of a product from a manufacturer than a supplier. A manufacturer will produce and sell the product, usually through authorized dealers or outlets of operations in the country. Usually, with the brand name associated, most dentists would either rely on word of mouth or on their previous experience to make an online purchase decisions. Suppliers however, may be able to give a combination of quality products from different manufacturers. Their reliability will depend on their inspection process. A good team for the suppliers may comprise of dentists.

2. Quality assurance certifications

Internationally, many dental product standards have been created to gauge the quality of dental products put out in the market. Usually, the suppliers and manufacturers will mention the certifications and memberships with quality standards organizations. Some of these standards include DIN EN ISO 9693 for dental restorative and metal-ceramic systems, DIN EN ISO 22674 for metallic materials for fixed and movable dentures and DIN EN ISO 9333 for dental solders

In Europe numerous requirements must be met for dental materials, particularly those with metal components. Some of these include the Medical Products Regulations of Germany and European Directives 93/42/EWG on medical products. The American Dental Association has created a separate Standards Committee on Dental Products or SCDP. Quality materials must pass the standards requirements to be allowed in the list of approved quality materials of the committee.

3. Availability

While many dental producers and companies have aggressively countered the international retail selling options with their own websites and services, it limits the dentist in many ways. For example, Korean dental implants have been developed to break the monopoly in costs of dental implants that was enjoyed by Western countries. This led to very high and even unaffordable prices of dental implants for patients in the developing nations. The dental surgeon may appreciate a brand, but is also looking for low cost yet equally efficient and quality solutions for his practice. The combined online retail solutions make this easy to have a look at a variety of brochures and products, draw head to head comparisons and obtain the best deals that are available to them in the region.

4. Delivery

Online retail portals provide the best advantage of delivery at the doorstep. WIth dedicated delivery services, the material is sent to the client in shortest of time at the dentist office. This again gives an added advantage to the dentist by saving him time.

5. Security

Dentists are usually concerned about giving their credit card information for large purchases online. It is therefore advised to select their online retail vender very carefully.A reliable vendor will ensure there are official and authenticated dealerships with leading companies. There are secure methods of payment. There is a continuous online availability of staff which help dentists come to better decisions regarding their purchases, and there are refund options available. All of these features help develop trust in the eyes of the customer.

6. Support

Most manufacturers and suppliers are more than happy to deliver quality related material to their clients. They believe this practice fosters trust among the customers, and leads to future business growth. Looking up the company website may give you a clear idea, however, it is always advisable to go for a personal query and background check by looking up at the registered companies on the above mentioned standards and committees.


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