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March 31, 2016

Recent trade statistics show that while dental surgeons are buying more materials, lesser younger patients are actually availing dental services. This has to do much with the budget allocations for dental care by the state, which affects financial decisions and costs of the dental treatment.

Due to this shrinking pool of patients, many of the dental practices have stopped practicing active dentistry, and are moving towards integration, efficiency and cost cutting. Contradicting the trend is increased consumerism in healthcare and demand for dental aesthetic restorative procedures.

Dental tourism is also another fruitful area in this regard. The implications are many for both the dentists and the suppliers to dentists. Dental surgeons need to find more creative ways to cut costs while ensuring highest standards of care. This may mean creating bulk ordering systems or use online buying channels to save time and costs.

Dental market values

The market is ripe and ready to be explored. Market researches show that European sales value excluding metal implants alone stands at €5,897 million, with the UK market standing at €427 million. Interestingly 19% of these suppliers are direct suppliers to the dentists. This is supported by the statistics showing that over 46% of current UK dentists are now purchasing online.

One-Stop-Shop Convenience

Dentists now appreciate the concept of having all their options of materials open and available in front of them. Online retailing solves this problem by bringing in front of the dentist a world of products and information which allows the dentist to make an apple to apple comparison with ease. this saves time, a precious commodity for a dentist, along with money and effort in trying to find multiple alternatives.

Online portals have helped list these services and options conveniently. Dentists therefore can simply create accounts on these portals, maintain schedules and records of purchases and ensure they get the best deals. The dentist can simply update his order specifications and time them to a particular date to ensure inventory is maintained as it is used. The solution is easy to use, convenient, user friendly and less costly.

Added to the advantage is the availability of top global dental brands under one roof. This means that now dentists can avail the option of comparing and ordering multiple international brands from one platform, by doing an active price comparison and enabling true cross border purchasing.

The use of online retailing systems may be a major contributor to cost savings in the changing and challenging dental market in the UK.


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