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March 16, 2018

Easy way to cheaper prosthodontics

Ordering prosthodontics from abroad typically goes through an intermediary and already before the order reaches the laboratories abroad, additional costs have been added. The company Dentlet will make it easier to order prosthetics and have developed the marketplace, where dentists can order directly from the laboratories without local intermediaries.

In 2013, Asger Mønster Frydkjær got the idea of Dentlet. The entrepreneur behind OuchMyTooth, which has arranged dental treatments abroad since 2001. The new site is an online marketplace where dentists can buy equipment and Dental Prosthodontics directly from the manufacturers. While creating the Dentlet marketplace, the team behind has been in dialogue with numerous dentists to find out how the order process can be most effective. "It is innovative to assemble many laboratories and to handle and optimize the order online, but the products in the marketplace are not innovative in themselves. These are well-known products, but we can deliver them cheaper and faster as we remove unnecessary steps in the process." Says Mikael Kristensen, Managing Director of the company, who has been developing the business model.


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