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March 16, 2018

More to come

The team behind Dentlet has marketed Dentlet's new prosthetic solution since mid-2017 and the work continues this year. Besides listening to the wishes of dentists, Mikael Kristensen is also working on getting more laboratories on site to give dentists more choices.

On Dentlet, the dentists are also encouraged to rate the services of laboratories so that new dentists can draw on the experience of others when choosing a laboratory.

Dentlet's value creation consists of the fusion of IT and a complex craft. "The model reduces costs, cross borders, eliminates errors and saves time. I think that are extremely current parameters in an industry that is publicly criticized on their prizing. I am really looking forward to helping patients get better treatments." Says Mikael Kristensen.

Here you have a price example that illustrates the incredible prices that you will experience on Dentlet because of the fusion of IT and a complex craft


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