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March 16, 2018

New concept

Dentlet is in the process of rolling out a complete prosthetic service. As it is today, many dentists order prosthetics abroad. The process begins completely classic, where the patient is sitting in the chair, the dentists makes an impression, which is then sent to an intermediary or a local laboratory. Due to lower wages in the East, it can usually be very beneficial to have prosthetics made in places where technicians can afford to spend longer time with the single crowns to make sure the quality remains in the top.

Usually there is an intermediary, which have contact with a laboratory, typically in China. He ensures that the laboratory receives all relevant information, including the dentists’ notes of product specification and two to three weeks later; the dentist receives the finished work by mail. In the meantime, the patient have a temporary crown. Dentlet has digitalized the process and created a service where dentists can order directly from the laboratories via the website. This eliminates the intermediary and it cuts a significant amount of the final bill. "The average dealer typically adds more than 100% in mark up, as payment for his services. For example, a Porcelain fused on Metal crown costs between 80 and 110€ from China through an intermediary while you can purchase it on Dentlet at 28€ and it can be from the exact same Laboratory" Says Mikael Kristensen.

The whole idea of Dentlet is to take advantage of the opportunities offered by IT and technology, in order to make purchase of equipment and prosthodontics cheaper, easier and more efficient.


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