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DENTLET Payment Security

As a step in our 100% Buyer Protection Programme, Dentlet uses the service of PayPal to ensure and professional payment process.

Our highest priority is to make sure you can purchase from all our different sellers without spending energy on concerns, no matter which country or seller and always be sure to receive value for your money.

PayPal is an ideal partner to us and we feel very confident using their services and security to product our customers with services like, Account protection, Dispute resolution, Fraud prevention and Refunds service. Their services cover a broad range of concerns you might have.

Besides PayPal, our Dentlet Support is of course very involved and offer our own shipping and return policies to clear all agreements between you and the seller in advance. Should there still occur any misunderstandings, PayPal can hold the transaction while they investigate and Dentlet will help in any way possible to mediate and settle the dispute in a proper manner.

Dentlet uses third party companies like PayPal and DHL to handle the payment transactions and shipping. Therefor we are not to be held accountable for any mishaps in these processes. That is why we have chosen the best partners to ensure your products and business in the safest way possible. Every step of security is taken and our own supports will help in every way they can.

If you would like to read further about PayPal security, follow this link:

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