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International Ambassador Team

Knowledge sharing Dental network with product reviews from independent Dentists.

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Latest Ambassador Reviews

Review of "Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder 15cm"

By Dr. Dimitris Railakis 05-11-15

Best test product

About Ambassadors
As Ambassador for Dentlet. Your tasks will consists of being an inspiration and help other Dentists. You will become the trustworthy link between Dentists and Dentlet.
Ambassador Profile
We will provide you with an Ambassador profile showing your Professional achievements, Degrees, Clinic, Social media etc etc
Ambassador Priviliges
You will have the possibility to test and Write reviews on new and existing products.
To help Dentists navigate through a huge and sometimes unclear Market.
You will also be able to refer Colleagues, Friends and Business Associates.
Ambassadors will be rewarded for their dedication with advantages and discounts on Dentlet.
How to become an Ambassador
Open Admission
There is always an open admission to apply for Ambassador Membership.Because we will always look for great Ambassadors
We will do a screening process and arrange a phone call or E-mail
In addition, we will explain the advantages and discounts of being a Dentlet Ambassador.
One year Ambassador membership
If it is a successful interview, you will then receive a Dentlet official Ambassador Diploma for one year, and an Ambassador vProfile on Dentlet

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